2 July 1993

Doc. 6894


on co-operation in the Mediterranean Basin

presented by Mr PARISI and others

1.       The Assembly recalls the Council of Europe's long-standing interest in co-operation in the Mediterranean Basin.

2.       It notes with particular satisfaction that in the course of their activities the Assembly committees on the environment and on economic affairs have studied the specific problems of the Mediterranean and considered the expediency of developing co-operation in the region under Council of Europe auspices.

3.       The findings of the 3rd Conference of Mediterranean Regions (Taormina, April 1993) and of the hearing held in March 1993 in Malta concerning the protection of the Mediterranean and sustainable development, highlighted crucial issues such as conservation of water resources and of the environment as a whole, demographic questions, matters of migration and development, etc.

4.       It further recalls the interest expressed in the proposals put forward by the Interparliamentary Union for a CSCM (Conference on Security and Co-operation in the Mediterranean).

5.       Convinced that the Council of Europe has a potential role in development and co-operation in this area, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

i.       implement, under the intergovernmental work programme, activities aimed at enhancing co-operation in the Mediterraneran Basin, particularly in the fields of environment and migration;

ii.       encourage the Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe to take positive action at regional level on the conclusions of the Taormina Conference;

iii.       encourage the countries bordering the Mediterranean to sign and ratify such conventions as may promote co-operation between its two shores.


Parisi, GŁner, Fabra, Graenitz, Tummers, Korakas, Pangalos,

de Puig, Rodrigues, Foschi, Pahtas, Ruffy