20 September 1993

Doc. 6920


Supplementary Reply to Recommendation 1127 (1990)

on the Principality of Andorra

(adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 10 September 1993

at the 497th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies)

      The Committee of Ministers recalls its interim reply to Assembly Recommendation 1127 (1990) on the Principality of Andorra, adopted at the 445th meeting of the Deputies (October 1990).

      The Committee of Ministers notes with satisfaction that legal and institutional reforms in this country have continued to make progress, resulting particularly in the entry into force on 5 May 1993 of a Constitution, approved by a large majority in a referendum held on 14 March 1993.

      Contacts have been continued between the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the Government of Andorra on possible areas for co-operation. Moreover, the Head of the Andorran Government has transmitted to the Secretary General a copy of the new Constitution as well as preliminary information concerning parliamentary elections whose holding is envisaged before the end of 1993.