21 December 1993

Doc. 6981


on the need for intensified co-operation between the Parliamentary Assembly

and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 1

presented by Mr HOLTZ and others

1.       From its inception in 1947 and throughout the cold war, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE) served as the foremost forum for east-west cooperation in the economic and related fields. Since the fall of communism in central and eastern Europe, the organisation has fundamentally reassessed its mandate, which is now primarily to assist the economic reform process in that region, rebuild its physical infrastructure, and help it become reintegrated into the world economy.

2.       The Assembly notes with satisfaction the complementary efforts of the Council of Europe and the UN-ECE to foster democracy and development in post-communist central and eastern Europe.

3.       The work of the UN-ECE, which lacks a parliamentary counterpart in its often pragmatic and technical activities, could benefit greatly from closer co-operation with the Assembly, just as the latter would be in a position to take cognizance of the difficulties facing the UN-ECE in its quest for pan-European integration, if need be to reorient its activities, and to propose political solutions to upcoming problems.

4.       In view of the Council of Europe's membership, its privileged links with numerous special guest parliaments and its long-standing co-operation with the UN-ECE, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe would be a most suitable forum for regular debates on UN-ECE activities. These could be modeled on those already engaged in with other organisations, such as the OECD and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Holtz, Paire, Durrieu, Rehn, Kittelmann, Kiliç, Wielowieyski, Davis,

Flückiger, Mändmets, Schwimmer, Verspaget, Hunault, Demiralp

1 1 1. This text only represents the views of the individual members who have signed it. It does not reflect a position adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly.