4 February 1994

Doc. 7017



on the creation of a European observatory for cultural policies

presented by Mr de PUIG and others1

1.       The Assembly attaches importance to the democratic principle of the participation of individuals in European cultural co-operation. At this level intercultural relations and new and creative aspects of culture can most effectively be nurtured.

2.       The chain of cultural development extends however from the local and regional to national, European and broader international levels. All levels have to be kept in perspective when planning policies at each of them.

3.       The Assembly is aware of the progress made in the promotion of cultural co-operation at the level of the town and region through the collaboration of the Council for Cultural Co-operation and the Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe.

4.       It is equally aware of the success of the national policy reviews conducted by the Council for Cultural Co-operation (and which have so far covered Sweden, France and Austria).

5.       The Assembly has itself contributed to the process of European cultural co-operation in a series of reports and welcomes the largely favourable reaction of the Committee of Ministers to its most recent Recommendation 1216 (1993).

6.       This position of governments is further reasserted by the resolution of the Vienna Summit to "invite the Council of Europe to study the provision of instruments for stimulating the development of European cultural schemes in a partnership involving public authorities and the community at large".

7.       In the context of subsequent consideration of appropriate legal and operational instruments for the development of European cultural co-operation, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers create a European observatory for cultural pPolicies that would analyse and facilitate the exchange of information on cultural policies at all relevant levels.

Signed:       De Puig, Tummers, Haller, Roman, Grau I Buldu, Hooper, Koenig, Severin, López Henares, Hadjidemetriou, Cucó

1 1This text only represents the views of the individual members who have signed it. It does not reflect a position adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly.