Doc. 7688
25 October 1996

MOTION FOR AN ORDER on the social implications of the fight against drug addiction


This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it

1.       Drug-traffic and drug-using are interdependent. As the century draws to a close, they are providing the main breeding ground for organised crime. The laundering of the proceeds of drug dealing is posing an insidious threat to our societies. Whole sections of the population in the producer countries have become hostages to the drugs trade. Above all, however, drug-taking is destroying the lives and future prospects of millions of often young drug users, thus jeopardising social cohesion in our own countries.

2.       The seriousness and complexity of the issue demand a comprehensive approach. However, drug misuse is often looked at in a piecemeal manner and tackled primarily from a solely legal angle.

3.       The Assembly considers that the multiple implications of the fight against drug addiction call for the application of various types of know-how and skills, and that in any case, the prime concern of any measures introduced must be to take account of the potential impact on the lives of the individuals concerned.

4.       Drug users are too often assimilated with offenders. They are thereby, victims of an implacable process of marginalisation. Having recognised the need to combat exclusion, the Assembly is called to foster a social approach to the treatment of drug misuse.

5.       The Assembly therefore charges its Social, Health, and Family Affairs Committee to make a study of the social aspects of the fight against drug addiction.


Vermot-Mangold, Switzerland, SOC

Gusenbauer, Austria, SOC

Gross, Switzerland, SOC