Fight against corruption

Motion for a Recommendation

Doc. 7827

2 May 1997

presented by Mr MARTINEZ and others


This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only the members who have signed it



The Assembly:


1.Appreciating the importance of a just and fair administration for the proper functioning and legitimacy of democratic institutions;


2.Taking into consideration the fact that corruption of civil servants and public officials is one of the vices which requires constant attention and firm action on the part of law-ensuring organs and vigilance on the part of politicians and the general public;


3.Understanding that the above-mentioned is especially relevant to the countries in transition which sometimes lack experience in democracy and have to ensure the confidence of their citizens in the efficiency of market economy and pluralist democracy;


4.Having regard to the allegations of the widespread corruption in some countries of central and eastern Europe which could in extreme cases block the road to their development,


5.Recommends that the Committee of Ministers

  1. firmly support the efforts of those governments who engage in a resolute campaign against corruption;

  2. include activities relating to the education of civil servants and the general public on issues of anti-corruption measures in programmes of intergovernmental co-operation;


6.Urges the international organisations, like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, OECD, the World Trade Organisation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to include anti-corruption measures in their programmes of co-operation with the governments of the countries in transition and to make their assistance to the countries concerned dependent on firm action against corruption.



Signed: (1)

Martínez, Spain, SOC

Kirkhill, United Kingdom, SOC

Slobodník, Slovakia, NI

Gjellerod, Denmark, SOC

Bartodziej, Poland, EPP

Solonari, Moldova, SOC

Németh, Hungary, LDR

Sinka, Latvia, EDG

Sincai, Romania, SOC

Frunda, Romania, EPP

Korkeaoja, Finland, LDR

Note: 1SOC: Socialist Group

EPP: Group of the European People's Party

EDG: European Democratic Group

LDR: Liberal, Democratic and Reformers Group

UEL: Group of the Unified European Left

NR: Not registered