Doc. 8116

18 May 1998

Safety of nuclear installations in the countries of central and eastern Europe

Reply to Recommendation 1311 (1997)

from the Committee of Ministers

adopted on 12 May 1998 at the 631st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies

The Committee of Ministers has studied Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1311 (1997) on the safety of nuclear installations in the countries of central and eastern Europe.

The Committee of Ministers shares the concern of the Parliamentary Assembly as regards the dangers certain nuclear power stations present to the environment as well as to human health.

The Committee of Ministers has addressed the text of this Recommendation to the Governments of all member States.

The Recommendation was also transmitted to the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement. At their 7th Ministerial session (Monaco, 24-25 November 1997) the States Parties to this Agreement adopted Resolution No. 3 on the 1997-2000 Medium Plan. The Ministers decided "without changing the priorities of the Medium Term Plan, to instruct the Executive Secretary to examine the possibility of finding resources outside the budget of the Agreement in order to implement such a proposal in close co-operation with the international organisations concerned, and to present it to the next Ministerial session of the Agreement in 1998". The proposal deals with developing standardised methods and procedures using post-accident radiological monitoring.