Doc. 8716

13 April 2000

Relations with the United Nations

Recommendation 1411 (1999)

Reply from the Committee of Ministers

adopted at the 703rd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (22 and 24 March 2000)

The Committee of Ministers informs the Parliamentary Assembly, that, in accordance with the information given at its January part-session (Statutory report and Communication of the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers), Ambassador Erkki Kourula, Permanent Representative of Finland, who during the same part-session exchanged views into the competent sub-Committee of the Assembly, has prepared an exploratory report following the mandate he received from the Ministers’ Deputies at their 692nd (15 December 1999) meeting. This report, contained in document CM(2000)38, examines the recommendations made in the operative paragraph 9 of the Recommendation 1411(1999).

The Ministers Deputies, at their 703rd (22 and 24 March) 2000 meeting agreed to resume consideration of the Assembly Recommendation, including its financial implications, with a view to adopting a substantive reply before the Assembly’s June part-Session.