Doc. 8854
5 October 2000

Culture and co-operation in the Mediterranean basin

Motion for a recommendation

presented by Mr de Puig and others

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only

the members who have signed it

      The Assembly,

1.       Aware of the urgent need to set up a network for cultural co-operation between Europe and non-member states from the Mediterranean basin, and mindful of the fact that a number of initiatives suggested on past occasions, on such topics as religious dialogue, combating intolerance, academic exchanges and the contribution of Islamic culture to European civilisation, have come to nothing;

2.       Bearing in mind that the process of European unification and recent developments in North Africa make it our duty to set up co-operation activities involving both public and non-governmental institutions from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean;

3.       Considering that there is a lack of communication and familiarity between societies north and south of the Mediterranean, leading to misunderstandings and sometimes antagonism with regard to conceptions of religion, identity, way of thinking and even culture;

4.       Convinced that there are substantial opportunities for co-operation in the intellectual, artistic and religious fields and in matters concerning education, higher education, science, heritage, values and traditions – in other words, in the cultural field in the broadest sense of the term,

5.       Recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

i.       together with governments and relevant organisations from southern Mediterranean countries, look into permanent forms of co-operation in the various cultural sectors;

ii.       promote – in both public and non-governmental institutions – multilateral co-operation projects and programmes between Europe and non-member states from the Mediterranean basin, on matters concerning thought, religion, art, heritage, literature, education, universities, research, youth, sport, the media and any other cultural field where there is potential for establishing dialogue and links between these countries.

Signed : 1

de Puig, Spain, SOC

Bartumeu Cassany, Andorra, SOC

Elo, Finland, SOC

Fyfe, United Kingdom, SOC

Gülek, Turkey, SOC

Gürkan, Turkey, SOC

Hadjidemetriou, Cyprus, SOC

Martinez Casan, Spain, EPP/CD

Puche, Spain, EPP/CD

Roseta, Portugal, EPP/CD

Troncho, Portugal, SOC

Yanez-Barnuevo, Spain, SOC

1        SOC: Socialist Group

      EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party

      EDG: European Democratic Group

      LDR : Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group

      UEL: Group of the Unified European Left

      NR: not registered in a group