Doc. 8959
26 January 2001

Immediate release of Ivan Pilip and Jan Bubeník

Written Declaration No. 315

This written declaration commits only the members who have signed it

Ex-Minister of Finance, Ivan Pilip, currently a member of the Chamber of Deputies, and Jan Bubeník, a former student leader in the 1989 Velvet Revolution, were detained in Ciego de Avila on Friday, 12 January 2001 while privately visiting Cuba.

Both Czech citizens were detained on the basis of allegations that they met with Cuban dissidents, and are presently imprisoned in Villa Marista prison. Cuban officials have accused the two men of making “subversive contacts and delivering resources to counter-revolutionary elements”.

Cuban authorities failed to give an answer to three official protest notes from the Czech Republic and repeated their threat that the two detained would be tried in Cuba. Cuban authorities delayed repeatedly an expected announcement about the fate of the detained.

The undersigned, members of the Parliamentary Assembly, are condemning the arrest of the two Czech citizens, as they have not committed any criminal offence because all the evidence shows that the detention of Ivan Pilip and Jan Bubeník is groundless and in defiance of the principles that all democratic nations stand for.

      The undersigned express their deep conviction that the arrest of Mr. Ivan Pilip and Mr. Jan Bubenik, as well as the subsequent steps taken by the Cuban authorities in this matter, are a serious threat to human rights.

That is why the undersigned, members of the Parliamentary Assembly, urge the Cuban authorities to release immediately the two arrested Czech citizens.

Signed : 1

Bušić, Croatia, EPP/CD

Adamczyk, Poland EPP/CD

Adamia, Georgia, LDR

Agudo, Spain, SOC

Aguiar, Portugal, EPP/CD

Akhvlediani, Georgia, LDR

Andreoli, San Marino, SOC

Angelovicová, Slovakia, SOC

Arnau, Spain, SOC

Bársony, Hungary, SOC

Bartoš, Czech Republic, EDG

Begaj, Albania, SOC

Belohorska, Slovakia, EDG

Berceanu, Romania, SOC

Bergqvist, Sweden, SOC

Bindig, Germany, SOC

Birraux, France, EPP/CD

Björck, Sweden, EDG

Blattmann, Norway, SOC

Bonet Casas, Andorra, LDR

Bordas, France, EDG

Briane, France, EPP/CD

Bruce, United Kingdom, LDR

Brunhart, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD

Burbiene, Lithuania, SOC

Calner, Sweden, SOC

Cerrahoğlu, Turkey, EDG

Chapman, United Kingdom, EDG

Cilevics, Latvia, SOC

Connor, Ireland, EPP/CD

Cryer, United Kingdom, SOC

Davis, United Kingdom, SOC

De Puig, Spain, SOC

Demetriou, Cyprus, EPP/CD

Derycke, Belgium, SOC

Diana, Italy, EPP/CD

Dimas, Greece, EPP/CD

Dmitrijevas, Lithuania, SOC

Dolazza, Italy, LDR

Duka-Zólyomi, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Dukic, Croatia, SOC

Durrieu, France, SOC

Elo, Finland, SOC

Eörsi, Hungary, LDR

Err, Luxembourg, SOC

Von der Esch, Sweden, EPP/CD

Etherington, United Kingdom, SOC

Ferić-Vac, Croatia, SOC

Fernandez-Aguilar, Spain, EPP/CD

Flynn, United Kingdom, SOC

Freyberg, Poland, SOC

Frunda, Romania, EPP/CD

Gaber, Ukraine, SOC

Gatterer, Austria, EPP/CD/CD

Gjellerod, Denmark, SOC

Granlund, Sweden, SOC

Gross, Switzerland, SOC

Gusenbauer, Austria, SOC

Gustafsson, Sweden, EPP/CD

Hadjidemetriou, Cyprus, SOC

Hancock, United Kingdom, LDR

Haraldsson, Iceland, LDR

Haupert, Luxembourg, EPP/CD

Hegyi, Hungary, SOC

Herczog, Hungary, SOC

Hoeffel, France, EPP/CD

Hornhues, Germany, EPP/CD

Ivanov, Bulgaria, PPE/CD

Ivanov, Estonia, SOC

Jackson, United Kingdom, EDG

Jansson, Finland, LDR,

Jařab, Czech Republic, EPP/CD

Jones, United Kingdom, SOC

Jurgens, Netherlands, SOC

Kalkan, Turkey, EDG

Kautto, Finland, SOC

Keltošová, Slovakia, EDG

Keuschnigg, Austria, EPP/CD

Khripel, Russia, SOC

Kirkhill, United Kingdom, SOC

Kitov, Bulgaria, EPP/CD

Knight, United Kingdom, EDG

Korkeaoja, Finland, LDR

Kostytsky, Ukraine, EPP/CD

Kroupa, Czech Republic, EPP/CD

Krzaklewski, Poland, EPP/CD

Landsbergis, Lithuania, EDG

Lekberg, Sweden, SOC

Lemoine, France, SOC

Libicki, Poland, EDG

Lintner, Germany, EPP/CD

López González, Spain, SOC

Lotz, Hungary, LDR

Luczak, Poland, EPP/CD

Luhtanen, Finland, SOC

Magnusson, Sweden, SOC

Martelli, Italy, EPP/CD

Mateju, Czech Republic, EPP/CD

McNamara, United Kingdom, SOC

Mezihorák, Czech Republic, SOC

Michel, France, SOC

Mutman, Turkey, SOC

Nemcova, Czech Republic, EDG

Nigmatulin, Russia, EDG

Norvoll, Norway, SOC

O’Hara, United Kingdom, SOC

Ojuland, Estonia, LDR

Olekas, Lithuanie, SOC

Ouzky, Czech Republic, EDG

Paleckova, Czech Republic, EDG

Patakalishvili, Georgia, EPP/CD

Plugtchieva, Bulgaria, SOC

Položhani, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, EDG

Popescu, Ukraine, SOC

Poptodorova, Bulgaria, SOC

Posada, Spain, EPP/CD

Radic, Croatia, EPP/CD

Ragnarsdóttir, Iceland, EDG

Rapson, United Kingdom, SOC

Risari, Italy EPP/CD

Rise, Norway, EPP/CD

Rotherwick, United Kingdom, EDG

Rupprecht, Germany, SOC

Saglam, Turkey, EPP/CD

Schieder, Austria, SOC

Von Schmude, Germany, EPP/CD

Schreiner, France, EDG

Sehnalova, Czech Republic, SOC

Sinka, Latvia, EDG

Skopal, Czech Republic, SOC

Slutsky, Russia, SOC

Smereczynska, Poland, EPP/CD

Smith, United Kingdom, SOC

Spindelegger, Austria, EPP/CD/CD

Staehelin, Switzerland, EPP/CD

Štĕpová, Czech Republic, SOC

Stoisits, Austria, SOC

Sudarenkov, Russia, SOC

Surjan, Hungary, EPP/CD

Svoboda, Czech Republic, EPP/CD

Tallo, Estonia, SOC

Taylor John D., United Kingdom, EPP/CD

Telek, Turkey, EDG

Tevdoradze, Georgia, EDG

Tkác, Slovakia, EDG

Torrado, Spain, SOC

Toshev, Bulgaria, EP/CD

Truu, Estonia, EDG

Turini, Italy, EDG

Vahtre, Estonia, EPP/CD/CD

Valk, Netherlands, SOC

Vella, Malta, EPP/CD

Vermot-Mangold, Switzerland, SOC

Weiss, Slovakia, SOC

Wielowieyski, Poland, EPP/CD

Wilkinson, United Kingdom, EDG

Wojcik, Poland, EPP/CD

Wurm, Austria, SOC

Yańez-Barnuevo, Spain, SOC

Zapfl-Helbling, Switzerland, EPP/CD

Zierer, Germany, EPP/CD

Zwerver, Netherlands, SOC


Total = 162

       SOC: Socialist Group

      EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party

      EDG:European Democratic Group

      LDR : Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group

      UEL : Group of the Unified European Left

      NR : Not registered in a group