Doc. 8978

8 February 2001

Observance of the system of European time zones

Recommendation 1432 (1999)

Reply from the Committee of Ministers

adopted at the 738th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (31 January 2001)

The Committee of Ministers has looked at Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1432 (1999) on observance of the system of European time zones. It takes note of the recommendations therein and wishes to draw the Assembly's attention to the Eighth Directive, adopted by the Transport Council of the European Union, on 20-21 December 2000, on the basis of amendments of the European Parliament, laying down provisions on summer time for the years 2002 and following in European Union member states.

The Committee of Ministers also points out that the European Commission has, in the past, taken several initiatives with a view to looking in greater detail at the question of the effects of the application of summer time, including a wide-ranging study, carried out in European Union member states, of the implications in terms of energy consumption, public health, working conditions and lifestyles, during which it consulted associations in favour of, and against, summer time. The conclusions of this report stated that the sectors consulted unanimously agreed that it was necessary to continue current practice.

The Committee of Ministers wishes to emphasise that the setting of the legal time ordinarily in force is the sole responsibility of each member state. It has therefore duly transmitted Recommendation 1432 (1999) to the governments of member states.