Doc. 9056 2nd edition
14 May 2001

Recognition of the Armenian genocide

Written Declaration No. 320

2nd edition, originally tabled on 24 April 2001

This written declaration commits only the members who have signed it

      Commemorating today the anniversary of the first genocide of the 20th century – the Armenian genocide – and paying tribute to the memory of its victims;

      Condemning all manifestations of the crime of genocide as crimes perpetrated against humanity;

      Considering that the unequivocal repudiation of the acts of genocide is a necessary means to help prevent its recurrence;

      Taking note of the fact that various European institutions, parliaments of a number of member countries of the Council of Europe have adopted resolutions and statements recognising the Armenian genocide, in the case of the National Assembly of France a law;

      Considering that the recognition by the international community of the Armenian genocide will eventually allow the Turkish authorities a similar admission, and as a result will lead to improved relations between Armenia-Turkey, and thus, contribute to regional peace, security and stability,

      The undersigned, members of the Assembly, appeal to all the members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to take the necessary steps for the recognition of the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians at the beginning of the
20th century.

Signed (see overleaf)

Signed :1

Marmazov, Ukraine, UEL

Alis Font, Andorra, SOC

Angelovicová, Slovakia, SOC

Auken, Denmark, UEL

Bartumeu Cassany, Andorra, SOC

Begaj, Albania, SOC

Brunetti, Italy, UEL

Burataeva, Russia, EPP/CD

Burbienė, Lithuania, SOC

Carvalho, Portugal, UEL

Christodoulides, Cyprus, UEL

Churkin, Russia, UEL

Clinton-Davis, United Kingdom, SOC

Cox, United Kingdom, SOC

Cryer, United Kingdom, SOC

Davis, United Kingdom, SOC

Dimas, Greece, EPP/CD

Dokle, Albania, SOC

Duka-Zólyomi, Slovakia, EPP/CD

Etherington, United Kingdom, SOC

Fernández Aguilar, Spain, EPP/CD

Fyfe, United Kingdom, SOC

Galoyan, Armenia, EPP/CD

Gamzatova, Russia, UEL

Gjellerod, Denmark, SOC

Gostev, Russia, UEL

Hadjidemetriou, Cyprus, SOC

Hancock, United Kingdom, LDR

Hoffmann, Germany, SOC

Hovhannisyan, Armenia, EDG

Ivanenko, Russia, LDR

Jirousová, Czech Republic, UEL

Judd, United Kingdom, SOC

Khunov, Ukraine, UEL

Kotsonis, Greece, SOC

Kresák, Slovakia, LDR

López González, Spain, SOC

Manukyan, Armenia, UEL

Marty, Switzerland, LDR

Melnikov, Russia, UEL

Mikutienė, Lithuania, LDR

Neguta, Moldova, UEL

Olekas, Lithuania, SOC

Oliynyk, Ukraine, UEL

Pekhtin, Russia, EPP/CD

Pinggera, Italy, EPP/CD

Ponsonby, United Kingdom, SOC

Popovski, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, SOC

Postoico, Moldova, UEL

Rapson, United Kingdom, SOC

Robol, Italy, EPP/CD

Rustamyan, Armenia, SOC

Shaklein, Russia, UEL

Slutsky, Russia, SOC

Stefani, Albania, SOC

Stepová, Czech Republic, SOC

Švec, Slovakia, LDR

Taliadouros, Greece, EPP/CD

Troncho, Portugal, SOC

Urbanczyk, Poland, SOC

Ustiugov, Russia, EPP/CD

Valk, Netherlands, SOC

Vis, United Kingdom, SOC

Agramunt, Spain, EPP/CD

Asciak, Malta, EPPE/CD

Biga-Friganovic, Croatia, SOC

Clerfayt, Belgium, LDR

Err, Luxembourg, SOC

Fehr, Switzerland, LDR

Fernandez-Capel, Spain, EPP/CD

Frimannsdottir, Iceland, SOC

Gross, Switzerland, SOC

Herczog, Hungary, SOC

Iwinski, Poland, SOC

Khripel, Russia, SOC

Kuptsov, Russia, UEL

Myrvoll, Norway, UEL

Nabholz, Switzerland, LDR

Pokol, Hungary, EPP/CD

Schmied, Switzerland, LDR

Tabajdi, Hungary, SOC

Vella, Malta, EPP/CD

Vermot-Mangold, Switzerland, SOC

Yanez-Barnuevo, Spain, SOC

Zapfl-Helbling, Switzerland, EPP/CD


Total = 85

1        SOC: Socialist Group

      EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party

      EDG:European Democratic Group

      LDR : Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group

      UEL : Group of the Unified European Left

      NR : Not registered in a group