Doc. 9144

26 June 2001

Middle East conflict

Recommendation 1514 (2001)

Reply from the Committee of Ministers

adopted at the 758th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (21 and 25 June 2001)

1.       The Committee of Ministers has studied with attention Recommendation 1514 (2001) on the Middle East conflict, which it has brought to the attention of member governments.

2.       It has also noted with interest the Declaration adopted by the Standing Committee in Istanbul on 22 May 2001.

3.       The Committee of Ministers recalls its reply, adopted on 20 January 1994, to Recommendation 1221 (1993) of the Parliamentary Assembly, on the Peace process in the Middle East.

4.       The Committee of Ministers is strongly aware of the threats to international peace and stability provoked by the spiral of violence in which the region has found itself. The member states are following closely the developments in the Middle East, through both bilateral and multilateral tracks.

5.       The achievement of a lasting peace in the region, based on international law, including United Nations Security Council Resolutions Nos. 242 and 338, is of vital importance for Europe.

6.       The Committee of Ministers reiterates the necessity and urgency to seek a political and diplomatic solution for the Middle East conflict. It therefore gives its full support to the conclusions of the international Commission, set up at the October 2000 Summit at Sharm el Sheikh, to establish the facts. The Committee of Ministers supports every effort to progress further in this direction, including the efforts of the European Union in this respect.

7.       The Committee of Ministers is aware of the important role independent observation initiatives can have in reducing tension and facilitating reconciliation and co-operation between the people of this region.

8.       The Committee of Ministers also underlines the role of the North-South Centre in fostering co-operation in the region.

9.       Finally, the Committee of Ministers follows with interest the Assembly’s efforts to promote dialogue with and between Israel and the Palestine Authority.”