i.       to adopt legislation which is, at the very least, in line with the principles set out in Recommendation (2001) 16 on the protection of children against sexual exploitation, and, in order to achieve this, to request the assistance of the group of specialists set up at the Council of Europe;

ii.       to declare the combating of sexual exploitation in any form a national objective, and, should priorities have to be decided in this context, to give precedence to eradicating the dangers posed to children by the Internet, in the light of its present and future impact;

iii.       to ratify the Council of Europe's recent Convention on Cybercrime, which is aimed particularly at child pornography on the Internet.

i.       which allows no crime or attempted crime to go unpunished;

ii.       which gives priority attention to the rights and views of child victims and which strives actively to find and identify victims so that they may be rehabilitated and fairly compensated;

iii.       which aims to arrest criminals without giving them the slightest possibility - especially on procedural or geographical grounds - of eluding justice, and which applies penalties severe enough to fit the crime;

iv.       which uses every means to prevent further offences, including compulsory treatment for offenders and the banning of convicted criminals from certain occupations which come into contact with children.