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Motion for a resolution | Doc. 13466 | 27 March 2014

Creation of a European Institute to counter prejudices about Roma, Sinti and Kales by promoting research about their culture and history

Signatories: Mr Philipp MIßFELDER, Germany, EPP/CD ; Mr David BAKRADZE, Georgia, EPP/CD ; Ms Sílvia Eloïsa BONET PEROT, Andorra, SOC ; Mr André BUGNON, Switzerland, ALDE ; Mr Igor CHERNYSHENKO, Russian Federation, EDG ; Mr Boriss CILEVIČS, Latvia, SOC ; Mr Roel DESEYN, Belgium, EPP/CD ; Mr Arcadio DÍAZ TEJERA, Spain, SOC ; Mr Şaban DİŞLİ, Turkey, EPP/CD ; Mr Jim DOBBIN, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Bernd FABRITIUS, Germany, EPP/CD ; Mr Guennady GORBUNOV, Russian Federation, EDG ; Mr Igor KOLMAN, Croatia, ALDE ; Mr Saša MAGAZINOVIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina, SOC ; Ms Liliane MAURY PASQUIER, Switzerland, SOC ; Mr Rubén MORENO PALANQUES, Spain, EPP/CD ; Mr Arkadiusz MULARCZYK, Poland, NR ; Mr Marcel OBERWEIS, Luxembourg, EPP/CD ; Mr Gabino PUCHE, Spain, EPP/CD ; Ms Maria de Belém ROSEIRA, Portugal, SOC ; Mr Stefan SCHENNACH, Austria, SOC ; Mr Vilmos SZABÓ, Hungary, SOC ; Mr Volker ULLRICH, Germany, EPP/CD

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only those who have signed it.

Discrimination not only by the State but also in daily life is contradicting with the most important European values like freedom, human dignity, equal treatment and in the end can lead to economic costs for the member States of the Council of Europe.

In some member States negative ideas exist about the Roma and in some cases they are even increased by public or published debates.

The discrimination and fears in parts of the European population very often are the consequence of ignorance, and it is partially the case concerning the Roma.

In order to get the European process of cohesion moving, the prejudices about the cultural and social identity of Roma should be countered.

Establishing a European Roma Institute could provide a Europe wide reference point not only for the Roma themselves but could also promote investigation and clarification about their culture and history and be a contact for policies and decision-makers in order to reduce prejudices and ignorance towards this group.

The Parliamentary Assembly should look into this matter and develop concrete proposals how to contribute to strengthen the existing work of the Council of Europe, the European Union and the member States in order to improve the life of the Roma, Sinti and Kales.