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Amendment No. 3 | Doc. 13961 | 27 January 2016

Recent attacks against women in European cities – the need for a comprehensive response

Signatories: Ms Anne-Yvonne LE DAIN, France, SOC ; Mr Gérard BAPT, France, SOC ; Ms Pascale CROZON, France, SOC ; Ms Josette DURRIEU, France, SOC ; Mr Jean-Claude FRÉCON, France, SOC ; Mr Jean-Yves LE DÉAUT, France, SOC ; Mr Thierry MARIANI, France, EPP/CD ; Ms Catherine QUÉRÉ, France, SOC

Origin - 2016 - First part-session

In the French version only, in the draft resolution, paragraph 3, in the third sentence, replace the words "de l'homme" with the word "humains".

Explanatory note

This amendment is a correction to the French version of the draft resolution, as it is preferable to refer to human rights ("droits humains") as opposed to the rights of man ("droits de l'homme"), since they are rights not just of men but of women too.