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Motion for a resolution | Doc. 13457 | 21 March 2014

Credentials of the Russian Delegation

Signatories: Mr Robert WALTER, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Volodymyr ARIEV, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Ms Danielle AUROI, France, SOC ; Mr David BAKRADZE, Georgia, EPP/CD ; Mr Levan BERDZENISHVILI, Georgia, ALDE ; Mr Marek BOROWSKI, Poland, SOC ; Mr Khalid CHAOUKI, Italy, SOC ; Mr Irakli CHIKOVANI, Georgia, ALDE ; Mr Christopher CHOPE, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Lolita ČIGĀNE, Latvia, EPP/CD ; Mr Henryk CIOCH, Poland, NR ; Mr Grzegorz CZELEJ, Poland, NR ; Ms Milena DAMYANOVA, Bulgaria, EPP/CD ; Mr Roel DESEYN, Belgium, EPP/CD ; Ms Daphné DUMERY, Belgium, NR ; Ms Josette DURRIEU, France, SOC ; Lady Diana ECCLES, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Jonathan EVANS, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Thomas FEIST, Germany, EPP/CD ; Mr Axel E. FISCHER, Germany, EPP/CD ; Sir Roger GALE, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Karl GARÐARSSON, Iceland, ALDE ; Ms Iryna GERASHCHENKO, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Ms Cheryl GILLAN, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Zbigniew GIRZYŃSKI, Poland, NR ; Ms Dzhema GROZDANOVA, Bulgaria, EPP/CD ; Ms Iwona GUZOWSKA, Poland, EPP/CD ; Mr Andrzej HALICKI, Poland, EPP/CD ; Mr Margus HANSON, Estonia, ALDE ; Mr Adam HOFMAN, Poland, NR ; Mr Tedo JAPARIDZE, Georgia, SOC ; Mr Michael Aastrup JENSEN, Denmark, ALDE ; Mr Mariusz KAMIŃSKI, Poland, NR ; Mr Charles KENNEDY, United Kingdom, ALDE ; Mr Danail KIRILOV, Bulgaria, EPP/CD ; Ms Olena KONDRATIUK, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Mr Miroslav KREJČA, Czech Republic, EPP/CD ; Mr Serhiy LABAZIUK, Ukraine, NR ; Mr Pavel LEBEDA, Czech Republic, SOC ; Mr Tomasz LENZ, Poland, EPP/CD ; Ms Inese LĪBIŅA-EGNERE, Latvia, EPP/CD ; Mr Ian LIDDELL-GRAINGER, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Kerstin LUNDGREN, Sweden, ALDE ; Ms Karin MAAG, Germany, EPP/CD ; Ms Meritxell MATEU PI, Andorra, ALDE ; Ms Larysa MELNYCHUK, Ukraine, SOC ; Mr Jean-Pierre MICHEL, France, SOC ; Ms Dangutė MIKUTIENĖ, Lithuania, ALDE ; Mr Robert NEILL, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Michele NICOLETTI, Italy, SOC ; Ms Lesia OROBETS, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Mr Mikael OSCARSSON, Sweden, EPP/CD ; Ms Liisa-Ly PAKOSTA, Estonia, EPP/CD ; Mr Oleh PANKEVYCH, Ukraine, NR ; Mr Bernard PASQUIER, Monaco, ALDE ; Mr Ángel PINTADO, Spain, EPP/CD ; Mr Ivan POPESCU, Ukraine, SOC ; Ms Marietta de POURBAIX-LUNDIN, Sweden, EPP/CD ; Mr Cezar Florin PREDA, Romania, EPP/CD ; Mr Volodymyr PYLYPENKO, Ukraine, SOC ; Ms Eva RICHTROVÁ, Czech Republic, SOC ; Mr Adam ROGACKI, Poland, NR ; Mr Ömer SELVİ, Turkey, EDG ; Mr Andriy SHEVCHENKO, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Mr Oleksandr SHEVCHENKO, Ukraine, NR ; Mr Arturas SKARDŽIUS, Lithuania, SOC ; Mr Serhiy SOBOLEV, Ukraine, EPP/CD ; Ms Chiora TAKTAKISHVILI, Georgia, ALDE ; Mr Tuğrul TÜRKEŞ, Turkey, EDG ; Ms Birutė VĖSAITĖ, Lithuania, SOC ; Mr Piotr WACH, Poland, EPP/CD ; Dame Angela WATKINSON, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Łukasz ZBONIKOWSKI, Poland, NR ; Mr Emanuelis ZINGERIS, Lithuania, EPP/CD

This motion has not been discussed in the Assembly and commits only those who have signed it.

The Parliamentary Assembly condemns without reservation the violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation in early March 2014 and expresses its gravest concern that members of the upper House of the Russian Parliament unanimously authorised such action in advance.

The Assembly believes that there has been a serious violation of the basic principles of the Council of Europe mentioned in Article 3 of, and the preamble to, the Statute.

The Assembly must therefore reconsider at the earliest opportunity, on the basis of Rule 9.1.a of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, the ratified credentials of the Russian delegation on substantive grounds.